Network Centric Product Support is an Internet of Things (IoT) information technology architecture that has been under development since the late 1990s and pioneered by its founder, CDR David Loda, USNR (RET) while at the US Naval Warfare Development Center (NWDC). It had since been applied to commercial aircraft and transportation systems systems in Industry with a number of patents awarded. Borrowing from the concept of Network Centric Operations for warfare and applying it to the commercial airline industry, NCPS Research was founded in 2007 to expand its research, development and fast-track prototyping of hardware and software technology solutions for a host of airborne and land-based applications in transportation and building systems using an IoT Systems Engineering approach.

All that moves, all securely managed for maximum performance and efficiency.

NCPS Research and its technology incubator are synthesizing onboard data management and hosting via micro-web servers embedded in key transport subsystems at a controller level. The result is an extended, global, secure http information sharing network that provides an unprecedented real-time connection into the health management  and operations optimization of key transportation systems.

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Network Centric Internet of Things (IoT) technology —

researched, developed and applied. 

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