NCPS Research and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Welcome to NCPS (Network Centric Product Support) Research — a company that is combining network centric principles and the Internet of Things (IoT) through the fusion of data, global distributed networks and machines to create a systems level product intelligence across space and time. Using Systems Engineering practices with mobile technology to optimize and transform the way industries function, NCPS Research is helping to revolutionize Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) by extending a Digital Thread to and from mobile deployed products which continuously update their Digital Twins of product data and models back at the factory. Using air transportation for example, it’s a world where every aircraft becomes a web node in an advanced network through the use airborne micro web-servers. And where data from key systems is put to an entirely new level of use. Today, NCPS Research is focusing its research and development capability on key programs including the NextGen air traffic system and emerging advanced commercial aircraft designs. The result is applied technology that empowers both private and government organizations to profoundly enhance the performance and efficiency of all that moves, and to enhance global transportation systems for the good of society.

A structure as innovative as the thinking.

NCPS Research has been organized in a way that promotes the rapid conception and prototype of information management solutions that take advantage of network centric principles. We achieve this through a series of pilot programs that provide businesses with clear sense of innovation viability for their specific operations.

At NCPS Research, we’ve created a novel, open innovation hub model that reduces risk in the business, technology and intellectual property realms in order to create self sustaining organizational value, while enabling collaboration between industry, academia and government. Learn how NCPS Research can move you forward by contacting the Center at 18602219500.


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